Lexington Love | Adventuring With Ruthie

Lexington Love | Adventuring With Ruthie - offbeat + inspired

This is the most exciting time of year for me. Especially this year. I’m settled in to the downtown apartment — a gorgeous, old 3-story building on North Limestone. Our little nook is on the third floor above Le Deauville French Bistro, across the street from a blooming school courtyard. The city is popping with color now, which means it’s time to break out the list of springtime shenanigans and start hacking away. One of them was to have my dear friend Ruthie Lindsey come up from Nashville for a visit! If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love this girl. Goofing, laughing, heart-to-hearts, dance parties, music listening and exploring — all part of the typical, wonderful craziness.

When she pulled into town, we only had a vague idea of what the next 3 days were going to look like, but knew we were going to spend one of them shooting everything we possibly could. Ruthie’s personal style is just one of the hugely inspiring things about her, so we decided to show a few of her favorite looks in a few of my favorite Lexington locales. The rest of this post will serve as a photo journal of that day with outfit and location credits. I just love showing off this little city, especially alongside one of my favorite gals!

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Downtown Color

We did a lot of exploring last weekend!  Having my sister and her husband here was so much fun.  We loved showing them around Lexington and introducing them to some of our favorite places.  On Saturday we went to Table Three Ten for brunch and spent the afternoon wandering the city, taking lots of pictures.

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An Ode to Pencil Skirts

The root of this look was the No.2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool from J.Crew. I got 2 of these on sale in Double-Serge Cotton and loved them SO much that when I saw the wool version in this gorgeous Acorn color, I had to snag it! The people over at J.Crew know me by name at this point. I can’t take a trip to the mall without stopping in and drooling my way around each and every rack. Thankfully I haven’t scared them too much…yet.

There are certain clothing items I really have to research and think about before I buy. They just feel like a bigger commitment than others. For me, skirts are one of those items. I wasn’t comfortable buying these pencil skirts until I had read at least 5 good reviews about them. I guess I feel like a good pencil skirt is an investment. It’s something I’m not going to collect like jeans or tank tops, so the few I do welcome into my closet should definitely last.

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Subtle & Pretty Everyday Makeup Tutorial

I’m a makeup junkie. I admit it. I spend hours upon hours flipping through magazines, watching tutorials on YouTube, browsing Sephora and Ulta.com, wandering the beauty aisles at the drug store… and the list goes on. I absolutely LOVE doing makeup. My goal for this tutorial was to put together a pretty and casual look that fits just as well at the office as it would at the local coffee shop. A good friend of mine, Elizabeth (of Bluegrass Goodness) recently got an amazing job offer (CONGRATS!) and asked me what kind of makeup would be work appropriate! So I’ll share my own personal routine here and hopefully it will help anyone out there with the same question. I look forward to doing a future post with Elizabeth, documenting her very own “work makeover”!

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Kentucky Charms & Horse Farms

My husband and I moved to Kentucky about 2 years ago. We came from a town out on Long Island, NY called Copiague, and before that I lived my whole life in northeastern New Jersey. To say we experienced culture shock when we moved out here would be a massive understatement.  I wasn’t used to the pace.  Things are slower here.  Ultimately in a really good way, but it definitely took some adjusting.  People stop and talk to you.  When there’s a short line at Walmart, it still may take a while because the friendly cashier has to have a chat with just about every customer.  When you’re out and about, it’s not uncommon to get a nod and a wave from perfect strangers.

I have a tendency towards a ‘hustle and bustle’ mindset.  (I wonder where I got that from? Ha!)  Even now as the weather is cooling, I find myself scribbling out long to-do lists.  I have this need to keep busy at all times.  Knowing this about myself, I’ve been making an effort to stop and look around.  Creation is beautiful, people are beautiful, and I want to experience moments every day where I truly realize how blessed I am. Getting out for a walk in the middle of a work day is one of those things that takes some effort at first, but eventually I don’t want to return home.

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Fall Fashion Love

As the title states, I love fall fashion! I think for me it’s a combination of simply adoring the season, and also being able to experiment with mix-matching and layering. The colder months have the potential to be dark and depressing. The days are shorter, we can’t be outdoors as frequently, and things steadily become more drab and colorless. I see fashion as an opportunity to “bloom” in the midst of all that. Adding a bright pop of color or a fun print to an outfit is an instant happy-booster!

One of my favorite combinations in decorating and in fashion is a neutral backdrop with colorful or patterned accents. In our house we have lots of wood, browns and creams, sprinkled with unexpected corals, yellows and blues. I like that feeling of renewal, almost like we’ve happened upon a run-down blank canvas and dotted it with colorful treasures.

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