Upcycling Utensils for a Pretty Place Setting and a DecoArt Giveaway!

Upcycling Mis-Matched Utensils for a Pretty Place Setting + a DecoArt Giveaway! - offbeat + inspired

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I am the absolute worst at properly preparing for major holidays. I managed to knock out a few Mini Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving and some Wrapped Ball Ornaments for Christmas, but you may have noticed an extreme lack of turkeys and twinkle lights.

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FindersKeepers Market Decor Inspiration

Shooting at FindersKeepers Market in Lexington KY - offbeat + inspired

FindersKeepers Market is an interiors shop in Lexington that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s one of those places you walk into and think, “How did they know this is what my dream house looks like?!” It’s a cozy two-room space but I can never manage to keep a visit short. I’ll spend no less than an hour or two just browsing and imagining redesigning and redecorating every one of my rooms with their vintage and modern treasures. It’s such an inspiration.

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The Perfect Spring Trouser

The Perfect Spring Trouser (Anthropologie's Miniflora Charlie) - offbeat + inspired

I’ll start this off by stating the obvious: I’m in love with these pants. As a big fan of prints and patterns, it surprises me how long florals have managed to stay off my radar. I’ve always felt there was a fine line between adorable and tacky with busy floral prints but when I saw the Miniflora Charlie Trousers (by Cartonnier) on the rack during my last trip to Anthro, I was hooked.

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Flawless Foundation + Contouring (Giveaway closed!)

So I finally did a foundation and contouring video YAY! I’m so excited to finally launch the offbeat + inspired YouTube channel and to prove that excitement, I’m giving away 2 awesome products that I cannot live without. Take a look at the video and then keep reading for the giveaway details!

This video shows a basic run-down of how I start off every “full face” look I do. This isn’t your typical on-the-go makeup, but to achieve flawless looking skin for a night out, a special occasion or to hide a splotchy breakout day, this is my routine.

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The Lexington Anthropologie Opening!

Anthropologie, Lexington - Dishes (from offbeat + inspired)

I’ve been a huge Anthropologie fan for YEARS. Their prices can be steep but their sales are great and I know when I make a purchase, it will last. I have pieces from Anthro that I bought 3-4 years ago that won’t go out of style. Not to mention, their kitchen treasures and home decor make me weep for joy.

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Coffee Cupcakes for a Very Special Birthday


Surprise! Happy Birthday Tiffany! I’m throwing you a virtual surprise party complete with cupcakes, candles and stories about our childhood. (I promise I won’t tell the really embarrassing stories.)

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Honey-Walnut Milk Soap

Honey-Walnut Soap

I started making soap this past fall, and since then I’ve enjoyed researching recipes, ingredients and techniques. I love experimenting, and when my first soaping mishap turned out to be fixable, I realized making a mistake wasn’t that big of deal - so why not try some new things? After taking a break over the holidays, I decided that one of my first crafting tasks for 2013 would be  a new soap recipe. I wanted to experiment with ingredients I’ve never used before, so I worked on creating a milk-based soap.

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Fall 2012 in the Smokies

2012 was a good year. It was the year my husband and I realized that Lexington was the city we wanted to call home, it was the first year we got into a healthy eating & exercise routine and actually stuck with it, it was the year Offbeat & Inspired was born (yay!) — it was a year of breakthroughs. It didn’t come without its share of difficulties, but the difficulties combined with the successes made it even richer.

Fall 2012 in the Smokies - Offbeat & Inspired

This was the first year we took a trip to the Smoky Mountains, just the two of us. Fall was at its prime and we could think of no better way to spend a chilly weekend than at a cozy cabin nestled into those beautiful golden and crimson hills. If you haven’t rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, you don’t know what you’re missing. The cabins themselves are new, comfortable, well-constructed and most are fully stocked with games and some even have theater rooms — but the main event is the view from the back deck. On the decks of most cabins you’ll have your choice of a hot tub where you can soak under the stars with the mountains silhouetted on the horizon, or big old rocking chairs where you can spend your mornings with a hot cup of coffee and a fuzzy wool blanket.

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New Year Style

First off, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! As you can see, we’ve been doing a little remodeling around here and we’re so glad we were able to launch the redesign so close to January 1st! If you were a subscriber on our old site, please don’t forget to switch your subscription over on the sidebar by clicking the RSS icon or the “subscribe by e-mail” text. For some reason they made it impossible to bring our entire WordPress family with us so we’re hoping and praying most of you get this message so we don’t lose you forever!

New Year Style - offbeat + inspired

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We’re Renovating!

We are excited to announce that we’re making some major renovations! No, not on our homes - although I have a few rooms that are desperately calling for my attention. We’re renovating the blog! We’ve been so blown away by everyone’s support that we decided we wanted to make your Offbeat & Inspired experience even better.

You’ll still be able to find us at offbeatandinspired.com, but you may experience a few hiccups in the midst of our upgrade. If you do, just shake off that virtual sawdust and we’ll make sure to get it all cleaned up so that we can welcome you into our re-designed blogging home.

We can’t wait to finish up and show you our new “place”! Stay tuned!

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUR CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS: We REALLY don’t want to lose you in the move! Since we’re switching hosts, all of our WordPress subscribers and some of our e-mail subscribers may not carry over. To be safe, head on over to our RSS Feed and subscribe that way! You won’t miss a beat and will continue receiving all of our posts via e-mail (or another reader, whichever you choose)!

If you have any questions, please comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!