A Fall Look + A Lovely Giveaway With Acanthus Jewelry

A Fall Look + A Lovely Giveaway With Acanthus Jewelry - offbeat + inspired

I was first introduced to Nichole McIver of Acanthus Jewelry through our mutual friend, Jen Comas Keck — author of Beauty Lies in Strength (a GREAT health and fitness blog). You may notice by the number of jewelry giveaways we’ve hosted so far that I’m a huge fan of handmade wearable trinkets, but I’m also extremely picky. Basically, if something shows up in the form of a feature or giveaway, it’s because we absolutely love it and would (and often do) spend our own money on it. This brings me back to Nichole and Acanthus. When Jen sent me a link to check out Nichole’s work, my jaw dropped. Her creations are such a beautifully unique mix of feminine, edgy, modern, minimalistic and earthy. They have so much character while remaining truly versatile, and the quality and craftsmanship of each piece is out of this world. Needless to say, I could not wait to do this feature, and I’m so excited that she’ll be giving away a $175 gift certificate to one lucky o+i reader AND a special 20% discount code for everyone! Keep reading for an interview with Nichole, a casual autumn look with one of my favorite Acanthus necklaces, and the giveaway/discount details.

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Featured Artist | Robin Mackney of REWM + A Limited Edition Print Giveaway!

Artist Spotlight | Robin Mackney + A Giveaway! - offbeat + inspired

This is a new category that I’m really excited to share with you guys. We’ve featured wonderfully talented jewelry makers with giveaways so far, but this is the first time we’ll be featuring an artist specializing in gorgeous cityscape renderings. Robin Mackney lured me in with Instagram posts showcasing work-in-progress shots of his architectural sketches. I just loved the detail and simplicity of each black and white drawing. They’re so unique, yet versatile, that I feel his work can be hung in almost any room in any home and make a perfect decor accent or focal piece.

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Staying Moisturized This Fall and a DIY Bath + Body Kit Review/Giveaway!

Staying Moisturized This Fall and a DIY Bath + Body Kit Review/Giveaway! - offbeat + inspired

We’re all about the giveaways this month! I’m so excited to dive into this particular one because, as you all know, we at offbeat + inspired hold DIY skincare very near and dear to our hearts. We’ve been making/sharing soap recipes since we launched the blog a year ago, and hopefully we’ve encouraged some of you to adopt our strange soaping habits. If you’re not quite there yet because you’re skeptical, overwhelmed by the idea, or just plain scared of your house exploding amidst a massive volcano of lye…this giveaway is for you.

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Meet Milk + Crown! Handmade Jewelry + A Giveaway

Meet Milk + Crown! Handmade Jewelry + A Giveaway - offbeat + inspired

Today we have a very special treat for you — an introduction to the lovely Kristyn Pankiw of Milk + Crown Jewelry and a giveaway! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this talented gal over the last few months and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her gorgeous creations. Check out the interview below! [The beautiful Soledad Bracelet is pictured throughout this post.]

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Dainty Necklaces + A Lovely Giveaway With Cat & Bot

A Lovely Giveaway With Cat&Bot - offbeat + inspired

A delicate necklace is something every girl should own. Statement pieces are great, and some days you just want to throw on a pair of sweats to run errands, but there’s something so sweet about a dainty little chain with a pretty charm to dress up an outfit.

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A Beautiful Giveaway With The Young Aesthetic

A Beautiful Giveaway With The Young Aesthetic - offbeat + inspired

I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you guys today! I had the pleasure of e-meeting Laura Young of “The Young Aesthetic” a few weeks ago and getting to know her line of beautiful repurposed chandelier crystal pendant necklaces. I absolutely love the style and color range of her pieces. They’re the perfect blend of simple and statement.

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Offbeat’s Picks: The Artwork of Kevin Stinehart + A Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

Pierce Collage

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Stinehart, a South Carolina-based woodworking artist. Kevin salvages materials like old books and wood scraps and uses them to create works of art. He says, “I have found that in life some of the most striking beauty is found in the discarded and broken things. I strive to mirror that same hope in the art that I create. While the end result should be a thing of aesthetic pleasure, the ultimate goal is always redemption - something new from the old, something lovely from the rubbish, and in each of us, and in all things, another chance to be made beautiful.”

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Upcycling Utensils for a Pretty Place Setting and a DecoArt Giveaway!

Upcycling Mis-Matched Utensils for a Pretty Place Setting + a DecoArt Giveaway! - offbeat + inspired

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I am the absolute worst at properly preparing for major holidays. I managed to knock out a few Mini Pumpkin Pies for Thanksgiving and some Wrapped Ball Ornaments for Christmas, but you may have noticed an extreme lack of turkeys and twinkle lights.

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Vote for our DIY Holiday Wreath over at BuzzFeed Shift & Enter Our Wreath Contest to Win a $50 Michaels Gift Card!

About a month ago we were asked to create a fresh DIY wreath tutorial for a Holiday Wreath post on BuzzFeed Shift.  We were SO excited and got right on it!  We tossed around a few ideas before we landed on the “Minimalist White Wreath” made out of paper plates, old t-shirts, tape and rubber bands.

We love this wreath for 3 reasons: 1.) It’s CHEAP! The only thing we needed to buy was a pack of heavy duty paper plates, which we usually have on hand anyway.  2.) It’s VERSATILE!  You can use any t-shirt color(s) you want and you can even add your own flare by pinning on other embellishments like paper flowers, string bows, etc.. sky’s the limit! 3.)  It’s QUICK. Including the time it takes to gather your materials, you can have this wreath hanging on the wall within an hour.  Does an adorable homemade piece of decor get any easier??

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