Perfect Heatless Curls With A French Twist + A Video Demonstration!

Perfect Heatless Curls with a French Twist - offbeat + inspired

My lovely sister (R) recently relocated to the happy little city of Lexington, and I could NOT be more thrilled about it. She’s staying with us while she gets settled in, and clearly all we’ve been doing is our hair. That’s not entirely true, but whenever she’s doing her hair, I’m kind of hovering in the doorway asking her to explain her genius methods! She always has new tips to share about hair health and styling, so I asked her to demonstrate this great heatless curling technique, and she obliged. We even filmed it!

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Flawless Foundation + Contouring (Giveaway closed!)

So I finally did a foundation and contouring video YAY! I’m so excited to finally launch the offbeat + inspired YouTube channel and to prove that excitement, I’m giving away 2 awesome products that I cannot live without. Take a look at the video and then keep reading for the giveaway details!

This video shows a basic run-down of how I start off every “full face” look I do. This isn’t your typical on-the-go makeup, but to achieve flawless looking skin for a night out, a special occasion or to hide a splotchy breakout day, this is my routine.

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New Year Style

First off, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! As you can see, we’ve been doing a little remodeling around here and we’re so glad we were able to launch the redesign so close to January 1st! If you were a subscriber on our old site, please don’t forget to switch your subscription over on the sidebar by clicking the RSS icon or the “subscribe by e-mail” text. For some reason they made it impossible to bring our entire WordPress family with us so we’re hoping and praying most of you get this message so we don’t lose you forever!

New Year Style - offbeat + inspired

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Perfect Brows, Makeup for Glasses + a Sigma Brushes Giveaway! (Giveaway Closed)

There’s always something new to learn about how to do makeup.  Every time I pick up a new tip, I wonder how I got by so long without it!  Eyebrow shaping is one of those things.  I remember going to get my makeup done when I was in my teens and the artist asked me if I had ever “done my eyebrows.”  I had no idea what she was talking about so I said no!  She then showed me how to shape my brows and WHAT a difference it made.  Ever since then, it’s part of my weekly beauty routine.  It really freshens up your entire face while making you look more awake - and who doesn’t want that?

Brow shaping ties right in with today’s tutorial: how to do makeup if you wear glasses.  I’m not a glasses wearer, but I LOVE the glasses look so I started experimenting with “glasses makeup”.  I noticed that glasses seem to dull down eye makeup significantly between harsh glares and dusty/smudged lenses, yet they draw attention to the upper half of your face - so it’s important to have your brows and eyes looking tidy and defined!

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Subtle & Pretty Everyday Makeup Tutorial

I’m a makeup junkie. I admit it. I spend hours upon hours flipping through magazines, watching tutorials on YouTube, browsing Sephora and, wandering the beauty aisles at the drug store… and the list goes on. I absolutely LOVE doing makeup. My goal for this tutorial was to put together a pretty and casual look that fits just as well at the office as it would at the local coffee shop. A good friend of mine, Elizabeth (of Bluegrass Goodness) recently got an amazing job offer (CONGRATS!) and asked me what kind of makeup would be work appropriate! So I’ll share my own personal routine here and hopefully it will help anyone out there with the same question. I look forward to doing a future post with Elizabeth, documenting her very own “work makeover”!

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