A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover

A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover - offbeat + inspired

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram soaking up the visuals like a sponge. My feeds are loaded primarily with food. A few things happen when I stare at beautiful food photography for hours on end — I want to cook, I want to shoot, and I want to eat. The eating thing is usually what happens first. When all I’ve been looking at are rainbow cakes, brownies loaded with candy and every flavor of French macaron known to mankind, I’m most likely to pig out on sugar and butter. Less than ideal, I know…so instead of fighting the urges (and cavities) on will-power alone, I decided it would be wise to follow more health-focused foodie accounts. Not so surprisingly, it became MUCH easier to eat well when I was taking in all that fresh, green goodness instead of just “junk”. The link between what I was looking at and what I was eating was so obvious that when I learned about the campaign Bolthouse Farms was doing to get people hashtagging more health foods and less junk foods, I flipped. Loved it. So let me explain cause it’s SUCH a cool project.

A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover - offbeat + inspired

A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover - offbeat + inspired

Basically Bolthouse launched their “Fruit & Veggie Takeover” on urwhatupost.com. If you head over to that site, you’ll see a really cool representation of which foods are being hashtagged most across all social channels in the “health” and “junk food” categories. The percentage right now is heavily favoring sweets and desserts, but their goal is to tip the scales and get people photographing fresh produce, styling it in a beautiful way and encouraging everyone to post healthy, hashtag healthy and ultimately EAT healthy. I know from experience that this works, so I headed to my lovely friend Hannah’s house with bags of fruits and veggies for a food styling and shooting marathon. I had so much fun creating raw food versions of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. The fresh stuff is SO pretty.

A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover - offbeat + inspired

A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover - offbeat + inspired

I’m really excited to be sharing my favorite shots with you guys over the next week on Instagram. Please follow along, post your own health foods and remember to hashtag them! Tag me, use the #urwhatupost tag and include @bolthousefarms too if you participate so we can see what your favorite health foods are! Use these specific tags if you can to help get that healthy hashtag percentage up: #vegetable, #berry, #potato, #melon, #carrot, #pomegranate, #beet, #grapes, #mushroom, #kale, #avocado, and #brusselsprout

A Fruit & Veggie Hashtag Takeover - offbeat + inspired

You can follow Bolthouse Farms for more healthy inspiration on:

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Let’s beat the sweets!!

*In collaboration with Bolthouse Farms. All opinions expressed here are completely my own!* 

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  1. awesome project, i love the idea. and it totally makes sense. seeing healthy food beautifully styled and arranged definitely make me want to eat better. very cool. ;)

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Thank you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and YES!! I definitely eat so much better when I see those foods as beautiful and worth photographing! :)

  2. I’m really curious which healthy foodies you’ve stumbled on since you’ve been trying! I’ve exactly the same problem.

  3. I agree with you about looking at pictures and then wanting to eat that kind of food. I just found your blog but think your pictures are quite awesome. I will be back to see what other kind of pictures you come up with.

  4. This is so neat! What a great idea! Also, I absolutely love the photographs on this post (well, all of the posts on this blog, really! :D). What camera do you use?

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