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Flourishing Mountains - offbeat + inspired

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had the chance to visit Colorado for an incredible vacation. Our mornings consisted of sleeping late, drinking coffee and reading books on our hotel deck.

View from the Creek - offbeat + inspired

Being in such a beautiful place, we couldn’t help but crave being in nature. After our relaxing mornings, we explored the area - and one of my favorite ways to do this was to hike.

Path - offbeat + inspired

Living in Illinois, I don’t see mountains very much. There’s a street by my house with an elevation change of about 50 feet. Needless to say, we made plenty of stops along the path so we could catch our breath enjoy the scenery.

Spider Web - offbeat + inspired

There was so much to see, hear and smell - birds chirping, the rush of a waterfall and fields of wildflowers. Even the spider webs were awe-inspiring.

Nature - offbeat + inspired

Flowers - offbeat + inspired

Colorado Flowers - offbeat + inspired

At each corner we turned, creation surprised us. As we wandered through aspen groves, the tall, looming trees with their snow-white bark made me feel like I had walked into a fairy tale or a Robert Frost poem.

Aspen - offbeat + inspired

Stream - offbeat + inspired

Creek - offbeat + inspired

Late snowfalls in that area caused the creeks to be full and swift.

Cooling Off - offbeat + inspired

It was the perfect place to give my tired feet a much-needed rest.

Waterfall - offbeat + inspired

The end of one hike rewarded us with the site of a rushing waterfall. The power of even a relatively small waterfall like this amazes me.

Over the Falls - offbeat + inspired

Each hike we embarked upon was full of reminders of a wonderfully creative God - One who thought to make both the smallest spider and the most grandiose mountain.

Mountain View - offbeat + inspired

What do you enjoy about nature? Do you have any favorite places to hike or explore?

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  1. Very inspiring! I think about the wonders of creation whenever I get to be outdoors as well. I love Colorado and also Big Bend National Park. I want to go to Yosimite or to Alaska next! :)

  2. aspens are my favourite tree in the world and i love the folktale behind them…have you heard it? i wrote a post about it if you’re interested :) colorado looks gorgeous, i hope you had a brilliant time x

  3. Beautiful! We just returned from my niece’s wedding in Keystone, CO. Living in North Idaho, we are used to life in the mountains, but CO offers a different kind of beauty, especially at 9,800 feet! :)

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