Painted Pots + Succulents

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

I don’t have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination. I tried to grow blackberries two years ago and they died within a week. Blackberries. They grow like weeds in the wild without any human intervention. Basically, it’s harder to kill a blackberry bush than it is to grow one. Yeah.

After that little mishap, I tried to grow herbs indoors. I watered them religiously, determined to raise healthy and happy plants. Within two weeks, they were being completely devoured by swarms of tiny unidentified white insects that appeared out of nowhere. If you have any guesses about what those creatures might have been, please let me know in the comments section as I still have no clue (even after hours of Googling).

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

After THAT, I gave up. It had been more than a year since I tried to grow something. Dave and I have always wanted plants in the house, so being the official horticultural grim reaper of Kentucky was a tough pill to swallow. I had all but committed to never attempt planting again when I laid eyes on the little beauties known as succulents.

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

They’re absolutely trending right now, but that isn’t exactly what drew me in. Succulents are the felines of the plant world. They require very little maintenance, they’re extremely resilient, and they’re SO pretty. I read up on succulent care, and the main points seemed to be: water them correctly and make sure they’re getting a decent amount of daily light. There’s quite a bit of wiggle room there — just what I need!

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

Armed with newfound plant-growing courage, I went to Lowe’s and adopted a happy little succulent family. I got a few terra cotta pots and drainage plates, and spruced them up with DecoArt Gloss Enamels Paint in White.

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

I painted the tops of the drainage plates, and only the outside top half of the pots. I love the “dipped” look of the pots, and I really love the uneven hand-painted lines. If you prefer cleaner lines, you can easily tape rings around your pots and peel them away after the paint dries.

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

I did 9 pots and 9 plates in about an hour. By the time I had painted my last piece, the first ones were dry so I could begin potting. I added a few spoonfuls of Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, & Citrus Soil to each pot, and then moved the plants into the pots, filling the sides with soil as needed. I tried to leave the soil loose because succulents can drown if they’re packed in tightly with no room to drain, which is also why more rocky/sandy (cactus-specific) soil is best. If you only have regular potting soil on hand, all you need to do is mix in some small pebbles or sand and it will work fine.

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

There are so many beautiful ways you can decorate with these. I decided to create a little set with a stack of magazines, some upside down bowls, mugs, jars and an old candle tin on my favorite chest from Arhaus. I wanted to display the plants on random levels for a casual and organic feel.

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

Truthfully? They will shine just about anywhere.

Here’s to many happy days weeks months (knock on wood) with these little guys! If disaster strikes, I shall give up planting for GOOD.

Painted Pots + Succulents - offbeat + inspired

Do you have a green thumb or are you familiar with my lack of gardening success? Are you a succulent fan? I’d love to hear about what you’re growing right now and how you decorate with your greens! Please share in the comments below!

White Paint from DecoArt
Succulent Plants, Pots and Drainage Plates from Lowe’s
Decorative Bowls from FindersKeepers Market
White Chest from Arhaus Furniture

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  1. I have a greenish bluish thumb. Every year it turns more green! I do love succulents and I love the pots you painted. I may do this soon.

    • Ohh I hope I get better at growing things! It’s my dream to have a veggie & herb garden someday! :) I’m so glad you like the pots — such an easy project!

  2. I am curious about what kind of soil you used-I hope something sandy. Succulents need good drainage and don’t like wet feet (they will rot). I love gardening and sedum and succulents are some of my favorites.

    • I used Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Soil. It has great drainage, but I do recommend adding sand or pebbles if potting soil is all you can get your hands on. Thanks for the tip about rotting! I knew they could drown without proper draining, but it’s good to know they will rot too! I’m going to Google “sedum” — maybe I can expand my little collection! :D

      • There are oodles of sedum. You can also try “xeric” plants. I see you have some hen-and-chicks; there are beautiful varieties of those in all sizes too.

  3. I live in a 20th floor apartment in the heart of Philadelphia, and I can appreciate this post very much. I rang in Memorial Day weekend with starting an indoor urban garden. Some of my favorites are lemon thyme, lavender, and “Early Girl” tomatoes. Here’s to hoping!

    • Ohh an indoor urban garden sounds so great. Being on the 20th floor in a big city would definitely give me nature cravings. Your plants sound wonderful! I have to give herbs another go and finally get over the nightmares of those little white bugs! :P

  4. Glad to see you’ve dipped a toe in - I know from personal experience that there is no turning back now; these plants are super easy to get hooked on. My one piece of advice is that you have to be cruel to be kind; all these plants absolutely hate to be fussed over. I have killed more of them than I care to tell you, but they truly are spectacular once you learn their little quirks.

    • Thanks so much for that tip! I’m definitely a fusser. I’ll be keeping an eye on them and letting them be. Definitely excited to see if these ones last!! :D

  5. I absolutely love your arrangement here!! I have wanted to find some crisp white pots for a while now but haven’t been able to find any. But, you have inspired me to paint my own now! I love the look of the “dipped” terra cotta pots. I have quite a few succulents growing in my house, including a few that I have propagated. Which is another reason succulents are so great; if you bump a leaf off, just let it dry out and put it in some soil and it will grow a new plant.

    I just started growing some herbs indoors too…so far they are thriving so we will see how they last (I also have to resist using them all up!).

    • Thank you!! So glad you like it! You should definitely paint the pots yourself, it’s SO easy. I know I have those moments a LOT where I’m shopping around for something and feeling completely frustrated that I can’t find what I’m looking for.. only to realize “I CAN MAKE THIS MYSELF!” (Honestly, that’s how most of my DIYs are born haha!)
      I LOVE that fact about succulents. A leaf broke off of one of the smaller plants and I re-planted it. Can’t wait to see if it grows! :)
      I have got to make another attempt at herbs. So happy to hear yours are thriving. It’s inspiring me to give it another go SOON!

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    • Thanks so much for the feature!! Succulents are the best — you’ll have so much fun with them. Good luck! :D

  7. You may have had spider mites or some kind of aphids on your plants that died. That’s my best guess.

  8. wat a fantastic idea… im off to the hardwear store first thing tomoz! ive been succulent mad months.. planting them in everything from old teapots to boots! try planting them in old coffee tins after removing stickers.. the green against the tin looks so effective.. happy planting

    • Thank you!! So glad you’re going to give it a try! Boots and coffee tins make adorable succulent planters — great idea!! :)

  9. I was so inspired by these images! I actually pinned from your site and included one of them on my recent post. (Please let me know if you’re not down with that and I will happily remove.) But you totally gave me a weekend project, and I can’t wait to get started! :) And great tip about the rocky/sandy soil; I would have probably made that mistake and felt like a fool for killing a “fool proof” plant. Haha.

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    • Hi there!! So glad you found this on Lauren Conrad’s blog!! And so glad you like the project! :) I hope you give this a try. It’s SO easy and makes such a great addition to any room! :)

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  18. Hello! I love this idea, and I’m definitely going to go pick some up to add some life to my room. I was wondering what the diameter was of the pots you used for the plants. Thanks!

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