Gifting Your Homemade Soap!

Gifting Your Homemade Soap! - offbeat + inspired

I LOVE soap making. The process is so relaxing, lathering up with a homemade bar is so satisfying, and the entire concept is so healthy! There are so many benefits to making your own soap from scratch. Using it yourself is wonderful, but equally wonderful is gifting it.

Gifting Your Homemade Soap! - offbeat + inspired

There are limitless ways to dress up your bars but my favorite is wrapping them in unbleached parchment paper, labeling them with hand-written kraft paper stickers and tying them up with baker’s twine.

Gifting Your Homemade Soap! - offbeat + inspired

Cold Process soap isn’t meant to be sealed up for long, so this method of wrapping should be done right before gifting. The soap needs to breathe to keep it from spoiling because of the high oil content, so for long term storage the bars should be unwrapped or wrapped in a cigar band with 2 ends exposed.

Wrapping Your Homemade Soap! - offbeat + inspired

If you’re interested in Cold Process soap making, check out our extensive beginner’s tutorial here! You can also check out our own recipes for Citrus Honey Scotch Ale Soap, Cafe Soap, Chocolate Hazelnut Soap, Peppermint Mocha Soap and Honey Walnut Milk Soap. You’ll LOVE these.

Will you be trying out soap making? Have you ever made your own bath and body products? What are your favorites to DIY?

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  1. I would LOVE to give and recieve some of those gorgeous bars of soap … pinned!

  2. so pretty!! I want some!! Pinned…for surely!

  3. Laura Beth says:

    Anyone would be so lucky to open one of these sweet packages. I love the bakers twine!

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Aww thanks!! Isn’t baker’s twine so cute?? I’m tempted to get it in every color but the red is my current fav! :)

  4. This is on my (attempt) to-do list. I really want to hand craft some soap. These are so pretty!! I love the photographs. Your’s are all super pretty :)

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      Thank you so much! I really hope you give it a try. I never thought I’d be making soap but I absolutely fell in love with it! :)

  5. Natalia says:

    Wo,w, those are adorable soaps!

  6. I am planning to buy my first soap making kit in the next few weeks. I love making things myself and adore avoiding supermarkets and conventional products when and wherever I can. :) This year is about soap making, pressure canning, cheese making and maybe even home brewed beer. :) Soap making will be first though. I am hoping it will be cured and ready to use before our current block of soap runs out. Your soaps are absolutely gorgeous and I adore your wrapping.

    • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

      I totally agree!! I’m really hoping to start canning this year. The goal really is to “homemake” as much as possible! I’ll also be trying homemade yogurt. I’ll be sure to document that one! :) I hope you get the soap kit soon, I know you’ll love it!!

      • We make our own yoghurt as I have a Thermomix which makes it a LOT easier. I started with an Easiyo set though which is half way there - yoghurt cultures and milk powder etc in a packet and add it to cold water. The actual container though made it easier for me to transition over although I no longer use it now. It was one of the first things I started to make myself. :)
        I love making things myself. Nothing like taking away another small bit of profit from the big supermarket chains and attaching another badge of honour and pride to your chest by saying “I can make XXX”. :D

        • Tiffany | offbeat + inspired says:

          That’s amazing!! I can’t wait to make yogurt! I’ll definitely look into a Thermomix. It’s definitely satisfying to cut down on the amount of stuff you have to buy at the store. You’re saving money and eliminating the middle man so you don’t have to worry about weird chemicals and preservatives!

  7. I have just become interested in soapmaking and have spent hours researching it. There is a lot of great websites and resources out there. I have to say, though, that visually this blog is among the best. Two of the recipes I am going to try first will be based on recipes on this blog (Peppermint Mocha and the beer soap). Absolutely first I am doing a castile soap though.

    Looking forward to continue following this blog and hoping for more recipes and photographs. Thanks!

  8. Millie Semprit says:

    Hello I would like to had receipts

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