Knife Block Redo

I haven’t had much time lately to tackle the big DIY projects at my house. I have furniture, pallets, burlap, paint and all kinds of other goodies in our garage just waiting to become some wonderful DIY creation. I keep reminding my hubby that I DO have a plan for that pallet and those scraps of wood - and that huge old junky looking window I convinced him I needed.

I’ve finally accepted the fact that I just don’t have time for those big projects right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still keeping all those amazing supplies. I just have to be more realistic with my DIY projects at the moment. So this week, instead of stressing about finishing of my big furniture projects, I decided to check some smaller, more realistic projects off the list.

After initially seeing this idea on Pinterest and a host of other blogs, I decided to redo my knife block. It’s one of those boring wood knife blocks that wasn’t really much to look at. I wanted that functional block to become a fun pop of color my kitchen desperately needed.

The first thing I did was sand down the block with my electric sander. Since the  piece is small, you could do this by hand, but if you’re planning to be a regular DIY-er, I’d highly suggest buying an electric sander.

Next I primed the block. Normally, I’d suggest just buying spray primer. I decided not to use the spray because I had a HUGE bucket of primer sitting in my basement and thought it would be a waste to buy more.

After letting the primer dry, I grabbed my green spray paint and went wild. (You know I’m quite the party animal if that’s my version of going wild!)

Once the green paint dried, I made my knife block look a bit more distressed. I grabbed some sandpaper and sanded down the corners and wherever else I thought might look good. I sanded by hand this time since I was only distressing a small piece.

Lastly, I sprayed a coat of protective finish to keep my redone knife block extra protected from whatever kitchen mishaps may fly its way (I’m a mess when I cook).

One small DIY project checked off the list! What do you think?

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  1. Pretty! Seems nice and easy to do! :D

  2. Why don’t you paint something on it maybe a block of cheese. It’s nice but needs more in my humble opinion.

  3. What a clever little project! And I am soooooo excited that you are one of the contributors to the FOLK blog!!!!! How fantastic is that?!?!?! Way to go!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. Such a great idea! I am so doing this to my boring knife block!

  5. Can you do this for mine? :-)

  6. ​I like the fact that you have made the knife block look distressed, adds a very vintage look to it!

  7. I love this idea! I think I’ll dig into my magazine stash for some pretty images to decoupage onto my block after painting it and before sealing it. When I get it done I’ll post it on my blog. Thank you so much for the inspiration :)


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    Knife Block Redo

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