How to Dry Herbs

Now that I have a yard I love growing herbs, and I’ve found that some herbs are basically foolproof.  I’ve been able to easily grow parsley and sage by simply making sure I water them regularly, which is about as much of a challenge as I can handle in the garden.

But now I have a new problem—I have more sage and parsley than I know what to do with.  So I did what any modern citizen would do—I Googled it.  And like any good search engine, Google came through with my answer.

Thanks to the Internet, I learned how to dry my extra parsley and sage so that I have a supply for the winter.  I was able to find a home for my excess herbs and save some money by not having to buy them at the store!

Click here to view the article I used from the National Center For Home Food Preservation to learn how to dry herbs.  They give great tips on the different methods you can use depending on which types of herbs you’re drying.

Have you tried drying herbs?  What methods did you use?

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